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Apr 2 2018, 02:42 PM

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<p>Favorites Quizlet!
<br>1. What is your favorite color? "Light blue"
<br>2. What is your favorite possession? "My guitar."
<br>3. What is your favorite hobby? "Studying."
<br>4. What is your favorite book? War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.""
<br>5. What is your favorite food? "Sausages."
<br>6. What is your favorite drink? "Schnapps."
<br>7. What is your favorite smell? "Strawberries."
<br>8. What is your favorite type of weather? "Overcast."
<br>9. What is your favorite game (board, video, sport, etc.)? "Chess."
<br>10 What is/was your favorite subject in school? "History of Magic."

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Dec 1 2017, 10:35 PM
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Fidgeting in the study, Emile’s nerves were shot to hell. Why was he so nervous? Well, he was, in his honest opinion, doing something incredibly stupid and out of character. The small wrapped box next to him proved as much, especially with the sticker on it. It had Anne Reinagel written down, and he nervously looked at it.<p>

Was it a good idea? They had such a rocky friendship? Are they friends? What are they? He tutors her, but he also tutors a few other students. But she saw his home, his parents. Something nobody else did. So why? These questions were floating around his head, he was beginning to doubt himself.<p>

But he had left a note for Jacquie to meet him here, and it would be rude if he wasn’t there, right? Reaching down to the box on the floor, he tucked it beneath the chair and looked at the table before him. It wasn’t odd that they would meet up at the library, it’s one of Emile’s favourite places. However, instead of their usual time, he invited her to meet up basically outside of their normal tutoring sessions.<p>

Arranging the books neatly upon the table, he was going with a bit of subterfuge on this. He didn’t want to tip her off or anything. Despite it all, he still had little self-confidence or worth in himself. His father made sure to beat that out of him. But he had to reassure himself that this is the right move. Hopefully. There is a lot of hopeful in this moment. <p>

Looking down at his wristwatch, he let out a nervous laugh. She was running late, or was she not gonna show? Wouldn’t be out of the norm for her. She did work on her time management, but this was out of the blue. Wait, did she even get his message? Too many questions. “Merde. Ai-je raté?” he muttered to himself, placing his head in his hands.<p>

He was beginning to lose hope, but then the door to the study room he was occupying opened. Raising his head, he turned to look who had entered.<p>

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Merde. Ai-je raté? - Shit. Did I mess up?
Nov 16 2017, 01:15 PM
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Late Sunday morning, Emile ducked out of the house hoping to get away from his father’s insistence of going to the sermon. As he grew older, he had started to become conflicted with his faith. There were times his father would go into a rant about the evils of magic, and how every single wizard and witch are just spawn of Satan and will burn in hell for all eternity, and have no chance of getting into heaven. <p>

It’s something he has been conflicting with for the majority of his life. Because everything he has seen, it isn’t what his father says. Everyone he met was nice, more or less. Yet he couldn’t shake that feeling, a lingering guilt. But he had to figure something out, for his peace of mind and soul. It couldn’t be like how his father describes it, right? There is still a small chance for redemption or something.<p>

Walking down the sidewalk of his neighbourhood, he sighed heavily as he put in his ear buds and pressed play on his phone. The music would prove to be a good distraction, along with the fresh air. As the music began to fill his ears with its sound, the direction he was walking towards shifted just a bit. He didn’t have a destination so much as just a feeling. He would stop by the corner store, maybe get a drink. You never know. <p>

Approaching the corner store, he walked inside and pulled the money his mother had given him. Emile wandered the aisles, thinking of what to get. Maybe an energy drink? Nah, some vitamin water will do. Grabbing a bottle, specifically grape flavour, he walked up to the cash register and paid for his drink. With a smile and a greeting, he took his money and left. Drink in hand, music flowing into his ear, he decided to head off to the local park.<p>

Cracking open his bottle, he took a sip as he crossed the street towards the park. Which was empty, for the most part. People did cut through it, but there were no children on the playground or swings. Walking through the park, he approached the swings and took a seat. Gently kicking his feet on the ground, he began to slowly move forward and back, but his feet never stop touching the ground. Just a slight movement, nothing too noticeable. Taking a sip of water, his eyes began to drift across the park and he wondered just what sort of fun times next month had to offer. <p>

He was going to be off to Greece tomorrow for the Summer school program, and he felt like it would a great time. He’d get to see Ian, and his Head of House Professor Argente, who he greatly respected. Because of all the different schools going to attend this program, he wondered if there would be other surprises to be had. One never knows in this crazy world. <p>

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a figure walking towards him. Turning his head in that direction, his mouth was open agasp. 'What was Anne Reinagel doing here?' He thought to himself, very perplexed as to what she was doing in town. Didn’t she live someplace fancy and more proper? Emile kept quiet as she approached, not sure of what to say.<p>

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Nov 7 2017, 07:40 AM
The second day at this school. It was a beautiful and exciting thing to have happened. This was his first time travelling outside of France. And with everything going on back at home, he is quite glad to be away from it all. Yet while other international students are off exploring the castle and getting to know their fellow peers, Emile is doing what he does best and enjoys the most.

Reading. Emile sat in the library of Hogwarts, he had stacks of books around him as he read through his current book. The books he was currently reading weren’t at Beauxbatons, so he was going to do his best to read them all, and take intricate notes as well. He wasn’t going to sit down and not work. He had so much to prepare for.

He had entered his name into the exam challenge as part of the Inter-School Competition. So, Emile had to read up on many subjects as well. Hoping to get at least a decent score in the end. Reading over the book he has in his hand, he was writing down notes with his free hand. It was a skill he learned to do back in his first year of school. Though studying has always been one of his greatest skills. He just doesn’t know how to bring that out into the real world, or outside of a classroom.

Anyway, Emile has a large stack of papers sitting next to him. Most were blank, but as time went over they would be filled with notes so he could later return and look it over. Despite his constant need to be studying, he wished there was someone to talk to alongside this activity. But he’ll have to make do with the words from people who are either no longer around, or are too far away to make a real conversation.
Nov 7 2017, 07:35 AM
Summer Prep School, another perfect reason to get away from his father. Really, anytime there was an option to get away from home during the summer or winter he would take it. Most winter breaks he didn’t leave school, instead choosing to stay there and spend his days from wake up to falling asleep in the library reading. Summer he tended to not have that luxury. When his father was home, it usually involved the belt being slapped hard against the back of his skin.

Which after years of such treatment, looks worse for wear. That is why, even though he and his best friend Valérian Louvel Proulx are on the beach in their free time, Emile didn’t take his shirt off. Didn’t want to show off the scars. Besides, not like he planned on sun bathing or going for a swim. He was quite content being under the beach umbrella with his current book he got with him. Which, if you asked anybody else, would be a boring read.

A book about the history of famous herbologists. Which wasn’t exactly his top choice, but his options were limited now and he had to take from what was in the library at this school. He couldn’t take a book from home, he had read them all. Had to considering he was trapped in his room for much of the summer. And really, the only book his father would ever allow him to leave the house with would be the bible. He didn’t want to bring that to school, nor the prep school. There are people of many faiths, and some who had none.

Didn’t feel right to push that onto others, despite what his father saying. How the wizarding world needed Jesus to save even a shred of them from the eternal damnation that awaits them for being spawns of Satan. But he wasn’t going to deal with his conflicted thoughts about that book, not with who he was sitting with on the beach. This was pretty much a vacation for the two of them. Away from their respective fathers. No pressure either.

Emile sat on the beach towel with his book open and a few chapters in. It was an interesting read, he was learning a lot about famous herbologists. One was killed by his own discovery. A sentient plant that had wrapped around his throat and crushed it, believing him to be a danger. Continuing his read, he didn’t really look over to see what Ian was up to, he just knew his best friend wasn’t far off from him. “Enjoying the summer so far?” he asked turning the page after finishing the one he was just one.

Valerian Proulx
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