BIG UPDATE AHEAD! First things first - the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 school year is officially over! Effective June 17, 2022 (IC), students are out for summer break. Please be sure to visit the 2022 SCHOOL YEAR ADVANCEMENTS & GRADUATIONS thread to either advance your student up to the next year, get held back, or graduate into their field of choice! Additionally, if you're interested in a Quidditch, Prefect, Representative, or Head position, be sure to reply to the FALL '22-SPRING '23 STUDENT POSITIONS APPLICATION thread!

Students need not head back home just yet - the school boards have all come together to throw a end-of-the-year carnival/festival that spans from the Friday evening until Sunday afternoon (June 17th-19th, 2022). Find out more about the Summer Shindig Festival HERE! Students will then be transported back to their respective schools and may head home from there.

Additionally, the ICW has made an official PRESS RELEASE regarding the 2022 Quidditch World Cup, which will be held next month in Jamaica! Details on the festivities leading up to and surrounding this wizarding worldwide event can be found in the press release. Quidditch players wishing to be signed to the national teams competing in the Quidditch World Cup are encouraged to sign up HERE!

Don't forget to support your team in the Hogwarts vs. Ilvermorny Quidditch match.

The third SPELLCRAFT Trial has begun here. Champions get ready for a physical challenge!
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Admin Lacey
 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 03:07 PM
Lacey28Centralmature? Yes •
Grand Poobah De Boink

Okay for the sake of time, I'm calling this trial here. Eventually assuming Durmstrang will solve their puzzle and the sixth floor, they come in third place. Ilvermorny, however, destroyed their means of leaving the fifth room, will limp in at fourth place.

That means the Champions from Hogwarts are awarded 100 points, Beauxbatons 75, Durmstrang 50, and Ilvermorny 25.

However, the scores are not determined by place alone. The judges watched each of your performances, and have awarded each of you additional points based on your ability to solve the puzzles, meaningful participation in each floor, and general coolness, on occasion. They award the following totals (including the score from what you placed) :

Lucas Vanetti is awarded 214 points.
Daisi Prewitt is awarded 148 points.
Morana Vlcek is awarded 135 points.
Chi Liao is awarded 132 points.
Skye Morris is awarded 85 points.
Isaac Harrow is awarded 62 points.

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