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 Frequently Asked Questions
Finite Incantatem
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 10:05 PM
Corinne & LaceyAdult-ishHST & CSTmature? Yes •
Pure Blood
Each Other

Your Lord and Master

frequently asked questions
[ What is the setting of Finite Incantatem? ]
This RP is set in a Potterverse in which none of the canon characters existed. The Death Eaters, the Order of the Phoenix, they all came about organically in other ways. After all, you're always going to find prejudice. So please do not reference any of the canon characters in the course of your roleplay.

[ What is the date on Incantatem? How fast does time progress? ]
It is currently the year 2021. Time moves in real time here, so one month equals one month, and etc.

[ Are there any character limits or post minimums on Incantatem? ]
Currently, there are not any character limits here. If it becomes a problem that members are creating characters and not maintaining activity with them, we may later impose limits. But for now, there are none. Neither are there post minimums. We expect each member to write to the best of their ability, and give other members something to respond to in their posts, but there is no expected word count.

[ What is the expected activity level on Incantatem? How often will it be checked? ]
Ideally, we'd like to see at least an In Character post from every character at least monthly. However, we won't be keeping track of that on a monthly basis. Instead we will hold periodic Activity Checks, during which you'll be expected to post with each character to prove activity.

[ I want my shop/class/other place to be a board. Can you do that for me? ]
Of course, please just post in our Board Suggestion thread to let us know the details.

[ Can I start a club at one of the schools? ]
Yes, we encourage students to engage in extracurriculars. If there's one you'd like to see, please head to our Organization thread to let us know what you'd like to see.

[ I don't see my question here. ]
This list will be updated as questions occur to us, but please feel free to contact either Admin Lacey or Admin Corinne , or post up your own thread in this forum if you have any questions or suggestions you'd like to see implemented on Incantatem. We hope to create a fun, creative environment and a lot of that springs from you guys.


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