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Eliana Ostergard

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Apr 21 2018, 05:43 PM
To say that Eliana was having a bad day would be an extreme understatement. She had just arrived back from Azkaban, having to look her father straight in the face and lie to him about who she thought had put him in there. She didn't think she would ever be able to admit to him, or anyone else for that matter, that it was her that had turned him in. She wasn't worried about their relationship, she kept the secret out of fear of what her father would do if he ever found out.

She couldn't bring herself to stay at her estate that had once belonged to her father only just months before. Everything there made her think of him, and she did not need that on her mind that night. She had done nothing wrong, and he was going to be away for a very long time, with no way of knowing that it was her that turned him in. She had made that deal from the very beginning, and she knew that her request would be honored. She couldn't go out in her town, it being way too small of a Wizarding community. She was not up for any questions from people tonight about what had happened with her father, actually she wasn't up to any real kind of conversation. She knew what she needed, a good drink, and a random person to spend her night with.

With that in mind, she dressed quickly, a very simple outfit of skinny jeans, black tank top, and green and black half jacket. A pair of knee high boots and her necklace she never took off, completed the outfit. She put her hair up in a messy bun, it's normal quick fix, and headed out. She decided that going into Oslo would be her best bet to find what she was looking for. It was close enough that she wouldn't have a hard time getting back, but far enough away where most people would not know her. Not to mention, it was a major city, meaning a lot of places to choose from.

Once arriving she had quickly found herself in a very sketchy part of town, but with her wand safely tucked away in one of her inside jacket pockets, she felt confident walking down the side alleyways. She found a dingy looking bar, entering to exactly the kind of atmosphere she was looking for. It wasn't too crowded, but had enough people that she could pick and choose who to approach. Her eyes fell on an attractive man who was sitting at the bar by himself. She smirked slightly as she approached, leaning against the bar next to him , and ordering a drink. She turned her head towards him, the mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Are you expecting someone, or here alone?" She spoke in Norwegian, figuring that he wasn't a tourist hanging out in a sketchy bar. She may be looking for a quick night of fun, but she wasn't for taking someone else's guy. She hoped he was there alone, but she scoped out the rest of place anyway to see who her next pick would be. She was happy when he responded, saying that he was alone, causing Eliana to strike up a quick conversation, and before she knew it, they were finishing up their drinks, paying, and leaving the bar.

It had gone a lot quicker than Eliana had expected, maybe a bit too fast?
Apr 18 2018, 10:38 AM
Eliana had to admit, she was not a fan of the Hogwarts's castle. It was unnecessarily big, and it had way too many corridors. Not to mention how open and bright it was, she would take the dark, quite hallways of Durmstrang any day. The one thing that Hogwarts did have that was better than her school, although she would never admit it, was their food. Eliana loved food, almost on a level of being slightly weird, seeing and smelling good food was almost orgasmic to her in a way.

She knew that the lunch time meal had already come and go, but she knew that they would still have food available for another hour after the normal lunch rush, the perfect time to go, in Eliana's opinion. She was not a fan of big crowds, and with three schools worth of students crammed into one, it was always crowded. She normally waited until right before she knew that the food would start being put away, and the house elves would start preparing for the dinner rush, before she went.

As she entered the Great Hall, she realized it was almost completely deserted, exactly how she liked it. She noticed a few people here and there, mostly Hogwarts students, all huddled together doing whatever it is that they do. Eliana didn't know why, but she didn't really like any Hogwarts students she had met so far, so that meant she disliked all of them. She noticed that most of the tables were being cleaned, and only a few were available. She noticed a Beauxbaton's girl sitting at a table by herself, and decided that between Hogwarts and Beauxbaton, she disliked Beauxbaton less.

She sat down not too close to the girl, but not too far away either, enough where she could still see everyone that was inside the Great Hall. She put as much food on her plate as she could without having the food spill over onto the table, and started chowing down. As she was almost halfway through with her food, she noticed the girl seemed to just be pushing the food across her plate, not really eating anything. What was wrong with her? Was the food bad or something? Why doesn't she just try something else if she didn't like what she had at first.

"What, is the food here not good enough for you?"

Her english was perfect, but you could still here her accent come through her words.

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