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Apr 2 2018, 05:00 PM

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<p>Favorites Quizlet!
<br>1. What is your favorite color? "Saffron."
<br>2. What is your favorite possession? "The last family photo, before father was taken away by the government."
<br>3. What is your favorite hobby? "Gambling."
<br>4. What is your favorite book? "Romance of the Three Kingdoms."
<br>5. What is your favorite food? "Dumplings."
<br>6. What is your favorite drink? "Bourbon."
<br>7. What is your favorite smell? "Stir fry."
<br>8. What is your favorite type of weather? "Windy."
<br>9. What is your favorite game (board, video, sport, etc.)? "Mahjong."
<br>10 What is/was your favorite subject in school? "Transfiguration."

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Nov 7 2017, 08:08 AM
It was a long day. Lim Wei hasn’t had a day off from fighting or from quidditch practice in awhile. Sitting on the park bench, he relaxed and watched as the people pass. Lim Wei had always been a man of practice. But sometimes a rest was needed, and he looked forward for the next few days of not doing anything. It would be a boon for his sanity, and perhaps his body would thank him for a bit of rest as well.

Though knowing Lim Wei, he would probably be practicing his arts in the morning. Though he might have to hold back on his training dummy so early in the day. He isn’t sure if his mother appreciates the noise. Leaning back into the park bench, Lim Wei watched people come and go. It was a beautiful summer day, and he was quite thankful for going into town. As much as he loved the city he lived in, sometimes he just wanted to be around city life, big bustling city life.

He sometimes missed Shanghai, but there was one thing he didn’t miss. That was the triad looming around every corner, and he wasn’t entirely sure they were all too happy about his departure from their associate gang. But Lim Wei was far from that, they wouldn’t bother him here. Right? That was the hope anyway. He got out of dodge when trouble arrived at his door step, and with his mother’s failing health, this was a good opportunity to move. And so far, for the past five years, everything has been peachy.

Granted, he still gambled and fought. But he was hoping they wouldn’t pay attention to that sort of thing, not in England. Though the man who appeared before Lim Wei made him suspect that he was wrong. “Nǐ shì lín wěirén ma, Yǒuyì jiē bāng
?” the man asked, in a soft-spoken manner. Well shit. “Qián chéngyuán. Wǒ hěnjiǔ yǐqián jiù líkāile.” Lim Wei replied, hoping this wouldn’t turn into a fight. Despite honour being such an important thing in the Triad Tong, sometimes they ‘forgot’ and would use dishonourable means to ensure victory.

“Fěicuì lóng shuō nǐ shì duì wǒmen fùzhài de.” The man began to speak, his hands folded in front of him. “Nǐ yào zhīfù yī yì yuán.” He continued, and as he finished speaking Lim Wei’s face fell. “Duōjiǔ?” Lim Wei asked, hoping it wouldn’t be a short amount of time. He dreaded what would happen if he failed to pay such an amount. He needed that deadline. “Fěicuì lóng yǐjīng gěile nǐ liǎng nián de shíjiān. Dànshì zhīhòu zài yě méiyǒule.” The man said, and with a bow left. “Wǒ zài nǎlǐ dédào nàme duō?” Lim Wei asked, quickly shooting up from the park bench.

“Màn xiānshēng, nǐ shìgè cōngmíng rénwù. Jǐn nǐ suǒ néng” The triad member replied with, not even turning around. Then without a word, had apparated away. “Shit.” Lim Wei muttered under his breath. This wasn’t good, not good at all. Sitting back down on the bench, he put his head in his hands and slowly shook his head. “What am I to do?” he asked aloud, to nobody. Lim Wei was in a world of trouble, and he hoped there was some solution to it.

Nǐ shì lín wěirén ma, Yǒuyì jiē bāng
? - Are you Lim Wei Man, of Youyi Street Gang?
Qián chéngyuán. Wǒ hěnjiǔ yǐqián jiù líkāile. - Former member. I left long ago.
Fěicuì lóng shuō nǐ shì duì wǒmen fùzhài de. - The Emerald Dragon says you are in debt to us.
Nǐ yào zhīfù yī yì yuán - You are going to pay one hundred million yuan.
Duōjiǔ? - How long?
Fěicuì lóng yǐjīng gěile nǐ liǎng nián de shíjiān. Dànshì zhīhòu zài yě méiyǒule. - The Emerald Dragon has graced you with a time of two years. But no more after that.
Wǒ zài nǎlǐ dédào nàme duō? - Where am I to get that much?
Màn xiānshēng, nǐ shìgè cōngmíng rénwù. Jǐn nǐ suǒ néng - You are a resourceful man, Mr Man. Do your best.
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