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 MURS CHUCHOTÉS, Beauxbatons Bulletin
Diodore Dubois
 Posted: Nov 11 2017, 03:54 PM
Shark25ASTmature? Yes •
Beauxbatons: Sanguine
Pure Blood
Seventh Year
Beauxbatons Bulletin - Gossip Columnist

Welcome to a new school year my loyal readers. I am so glad you could join me.
So much has happened the past few days that I cannot contain myself from telling you all about it.
First of all, lets start of with some congratulations to the champions! Hope they appear in future articles.
Now to start off, there was a party that yours truly had attended to the first night here at Hogwarts.

There was much to be desired there, but also I had seen many more things and heard just as much.
I have done my best to research all names in regards to the people I have seen. Hopefully correct. Am I ever wrong, loyal readers?
The party was a standard affair, there was music and laughter. Dancing and chatter. But the main draw, the thing that brought people in.

Truth or Dare.

Here is what transpired...
One of our actresses, one Astrid Daphnée Coutemanche had made off with a boy from another school on a dare, though the two appeared to have been in the closet far longer then the allotted seven minutes. Steamy things afoot perhaps?
Love between was in the air folks, for the kissing just wouldn't stop at this truth or dare game.
Boys kissing boys, girls kissing boys and girls. It was a very interesting thing to behold.
Of course I can't pass up the fact that Alison Fleur Lévesque sleeps with a dragon plush. Wonder what colour it is?
Dare my eyes lie? I could've sworn I saw a real life actor among us. They speak truth!
Aiden Grayson Thomas was there, and of course he was dared to speak of a moment that was embarrassing. Excellent for my readers.
He had dropped his pants of course in front of none other then Oprah. Wonder what her reaction was?
Of course that wouldn't be the end of the night.
I had to dig around to find out more, but that'll be for another article.

Till next time my readers, this is yours truly;
Dio Dubois


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