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Apr 2 2018, 02:45 PM
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There was nothing more satisfying than spending an afternoon wandering through the bookstore. Nisha wandered down aisles, glancing eagerly in search of a new novel to get ahold of. She’d selected three that had immediately caught her attention and two more that she was more on the fence on. Books that had intriguing premises and beautiful covers, but may or may not captivate her.
Minutes passed by and she’d decided to stick with three books for the time being. Nisha purchased them at one of the self-checkout stations and prepared to head out.
“Hey! You there, young lady!” A man called out to her suddenly as she was heading out, asking to search her bag and pockets when he caught up to her. Sighing softly, Nisha reached into her pockets thinking there’d be nothing there. However, she discovered a small paperback. One of the books she’d looked at earlier, but decided she didn’t want.
<b>“Sorry. I forgot to put this back on its shelf,”</b> she stated calmly forcing herself to meet the employee's eyes. If she was in trouble, then the honest route would be the best way to go. That was the best course to avoid getting into more trouble or possibly even being forgiven.


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Day One ◭
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Dec 8 2017, 09:40 PM
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It was difficult to tell if the reindeer looked intimidating or not. Nisha stood back a few feet, arms crossed, while trying to take in the creature. Care of Magical Creatures was probably one of her favorite classes. It was one of the few that took her outdoors often, and she could enjoy learning about different magical creatures. She was an animal lover after all. And the creatures studied in class were all interesting in their own way.
But actually, caring for one? That would be a challenge all in itself. When the professor had paired everyone up before assigning them all a flying reindeer to take care of, Nisha’s attitude had turned rather cynical about the whole thing. She didn’t feel ready to work with the creature, not so soon after having just one lesson about it. How could she trust herself with that kind of responsibility? Not to mention, she was nervous that she might have a partner who would only make the whole assignment more difficult.
Nisha would suck it through though. She stood in front of the reindeer, waiting for her partner to show up. That’s assuming they’d even bother to. Damn, she really wished she could have had a say in who she worked with. Instead, the professor seemed adamant about pairing everyone up randomly. It would be just her luck to get stuck with someone who wasn’t dependable, and yet she wanted to have some faith. Maybe she’d luck out, and work with someone who knew what they were doing.
Catching sight of a figure heading toward her, Nisha shifted her body to get a better view of them. Knee bending slightly, she stood with arms crossed before nodding her head at the person. <b>“Hey.”</b> She greeted with a curt nod. <b>“You ready to do this?”</b> She turned to look at the reindeer, mentally preparing herself for what to come. It shouldn’t be that difficult to take care of a reindeer. As long as neither of them messed off, or no one goofed around too much then everything would be fine.
She looked at the reindeer once more, taking note of its temperament. Maybe it’d be best to feed it first, that way there would be less to worry about just in case it was agitated. <b>“Wanna feed it first? To calm it down, and uh…help it get used to us.”</b> That seemed like a logical first step to her. Hopefully, her partner agreed, though if they tried something else she would have to be ready. Question was, would that even be possible?

<i>anyone wanna be paired up with Nisha?</i>

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