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Aug 12 2018, 07:48 PM
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&& Kate Morello

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The whistle blew, and Wes froze mid-air, stomach dropping. Paired with the thunderous roar of the crowd all around him, he could only assume why it had blown - but he didn't want to turn, didn't want to look. Didn't want to face it. The Seekers had been flying for what felt like hours now, pursuing the Snitch. From what he could see, nobody had committed a foul (unlike...earlier, ahem). He hadn't seen anyone call a timeout. If the sound ringing out meant what he thought it did, then the Snitch had been caught.<p>

Curiosity got the better of him, and needing to know who had...he finally moved to look, to assess what was happening. Blue fireworks were igniting all around - France's colors. Slowly, he met the faces of his fellow English players, seeing the mix of emotions in them - upset, heartbreak, defeat. He held onto his broom and closed his eyes, fighting the urge to cry, groaning frustratedly at the realization of what was happening. France had just taken the Quidditch World Cup.<p>

It was difficult to leave the field - as if staying there would open up a round two, and that England could fight for the victory again. It was over, though, and as that sank in, Wes eventually willed himself back down onto the ground. Pushing his way through reporters, not bothering to hide the upset scowl on his face from the photographers, he denied interviewers, ignored those VIP fans who had access to the field - and beelined for the locker room. He was done. Today needed to be over.<p>

Quietly, without words, Wes showered, dressed, emptied his locker, packed his bags. He had nothing to say. Occasionally, he stole a glance at Kate Morello - for no particular reason besides second nature (and then, merely only because of how much time they were forced to share together), he'd convinced himself. After all, it wasn't like he <i>cared</i> about how she was feeling, he wasn't going to comfort her out of the kindness of his heart. Nah - only if the cameras were around. Otherwise, he was stewing in his own heartbreak, unwilling to cry and whine about it to or with others.<p>

Wes remained quiet for the next hour or so - from the time that they left the stadium until the time they returned to their hotel room at the resort. He had every intention of drawing the blinds, sliding into bed, and shutting off the world for at <i>least</i> the next 24 hours. As his broomstick and gear bag glared at him from the corner of the room, though, he realized that he didn't want to be here at all. Standing up, just as he was in plain clothes, he put his shoes back on and moved towards the door.<p>

<b>"I'm going out. You should come,"</b> he suggested to Kate, gesturing her to his side. He didn't invite her out of actually wanting her company - he would have much rather preferred being alone - but it was kind of mechanical at this point. Beyond that, venturing out alone generally drew the attention of the media. They had made that mistake once - and that was one time too many for Piper Hadley's liking after it had spawned separation rumors. The last thing that Wes wanted was to have lost the World Cup <i>and</i> have his manager breathing down his neck, lecturing him.<p>

Fast-forward another quiet, brooding excursion through the hotel lobby - and another car ride, this time, to a casual, hybrid sort of beach bar and club, with the sand as the dancefloor. It was pretty busy, a sign that it was probably one of the more popular nightlife venues. Wes had no interest in dancing, so he made towards the bar, ordering a drink. Rationally, he knew that consuming alcohol in such a mood probably wasn't a great thing, but he also found himself fresh out of fucks to give.<p>

Drink in hand, he - <i>again,</i> almost intuitively - wrapped his arm around Kate, and coaxed her to a more secluded corner of the bar, facing the ocean. Although it was dark out, the lights from the bar spanned outwards far enough to illuminate the waves crashing along the shore, where he saw some people running, laughing, and...falling - drunk, no doubt. Whoever decided to put an establishment serving alcohol next to the open ocean probably wasn't the smartest person, he mused.<p>

He sipped at his drink, taking in the taste of the alcohol, the music, the crowd - before finally coming back around to look at Kate. His lips pursed, and he debated what to say - if anything. What <i>was</i> there to say? Sorry? We suck? Better luck next time? Everything felt like a poor option. Eventually, he landed on something that sort of surprised him. <b>"You did good tonight."</b><p>

Wes wasn't normally in the business of paying her compliments, but she had played like <i>hell</i>, and it still hadn't been enough. He wouldn't admit so much aloud, because...well, pride and all - but he had fallen short, and felt like a lot of England's failure fell on his shoulders. One glance at the stats board, and it was easy to see that he was near the bottom - not just for England, but in the entire <i>match</i>, having failed numerous goal attempts.<p>

<i>That</i> was why he wanted to drink to forget.
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Apr 14 2018, 12:42 AM
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Kate Morello

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Fucking Kathrina Lane.<p>

Wes wanted to be mad that, thousands of miles from home, of all of the people in the world, that <i>she</i> was who he was spending his evening in Vegas with, but as the level of alcohol increased in each of their veins, and their laughter bounced back and forth between one another like a damn contagion, he found it hard to be angry. Or, at the very least, he didn't particularly care anymore.<p>

He wasn't even sure that he knew what Kate was talking about, but he let out a hearty belly laugh. <b>"No. No way. You guys didn't - oh my God, you guys <i>did</i>. You're both so ridiculous,"</b> he replied in shock at her latest confession. Oh, yeah, that's what she was talking about - something that she and Aubrianna Edeson had gotten up to together a few weeks ago. Normally, Wes would rather be six feet under rather than entertaining a conversation - especially one about the crazy, carefree party antics of the Apples' two notorious party girls. Now, though, his thoughts, emotions, and feelings were spinning just about as fast as the reels spun on the slot machine before him, and he found himself chortling at her stories versus scoffing.<p>

Gazing across at her next to him with heavying eyelids, Wes's gaze lingered several moments longer than he'd ever given the blonde Keeper before. He was in good company - she was surprisingly funny, and more attractive than he could ever remember giving her credit for. Between his disdain for her scandalous behavior and the deep rivalry between the Arrows and Wasps, he recognized the error of his ways in not giving her a chance prior until now. Maybe she wasn't so bad, after all.<p>

His thoughts were averted by a loud series of beeps, jangles, and chimes. From the corner of his eye, he saw lights flashing brilliantly, coming from in front of him. <b>"Oh!"</b> he reacted in slow, drunken shock, before pointing clumsily at his slot machine before him with his drink-holding hand, spilling some of its' contents onto his leg. Ah, never mind - he'd just hit! <b>"Oh my God, Kate, I won! Look! $5000!"</b> he grasped her shoulder and shook her, laughing all the while, his excitement evident.<p>

After a few minutes of merriment and excitement, the machine stopped making sounds, and Wes hit the "cash out" button in an exaggerated manner. <b>"Let's go to the cashier. Get this money, and get out of here. Let's go have a night on the town, enjoy Vegas. What do you say? Hit another casino? Go ziplining? See a show? What do <i>you</i> want to do, Kathrina Lane?"</b> he asked with a grin, tugging on her arm, as if he were going to give her little say in the matter of declining his offer.<p>

And hey, why would she? This was a new, fun, unusual Wes. Chugging down the rest of his liquor, he stood up and swayed, waiting for her to join him. What happens in Vegas, right?<p>

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Nov 5 2017, 06:05 PM
Las Vegas was probably not a destination that anyone would expect Wesley Morello to prioritize or jet set to. Perhaps in his youth, he may have exuded a very Vegas mindset, and would have loved the perfect trifecta of indulgences that the Nevada attraction had to offer - booze, women, and gambling - but as he had a very public life, one that emphasized the importance of remaining appropriate and scandal-free if he wanted to reap the full benefits of his chosen career, Sin City probably wasn't the best place for him to spend any amount of time or to be found.

Alas, when he'd gotten the call from a lifelong family friend (that he practically considered to be a brother) requesting for him to be one of the groomsman at his wedding, Wes found himself dusting off his passport, boarding a plane to New York City, where he met up with his pal and the others - before eventually heading off to the City of Lights for the bachelor party. It wasn't a scene that excited Wes anymore, but he wasn't going to be a drag and deny his friend either his presence or fun. He'd tag along, play along, and make the most of the situation he found himself in. While the Chaser was often grumpy, he wasn't selfish, and wouldn't ruin this special time in his friends' life.

It being their first night of what was supposed to be a four day trip, Wes had planned on taking it slow. After all, he'd gotten all of his partying out of his system back at Hogwarts (where he wasn't exactly the poster child for Ravenclaw), and had a facade to uphold. Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan. It had been a while since he'd drank - combined with his misjudgment of what his tolerance was back then and not considering that it had changed much over the years, he downed two straight shots, one of tequila, one of whiskey, and a third unknown concoction at the urging of the groom and his other friends that had come along on the trip.

Wes, of course, tried to remain responsible, though quite evidently buzzed. He took off from the bar, towards the casino floor with an old fashioned in his hand, finding his way towards a blackjack table. The first clue that he wasn't exactly sober was the fact that he'd put down $200 almost immediately. Taking a gamble wasn't really in the Chaser's nature anymore; he much preferred the safer route, the sure thing - but under the influence of the alcohol and under the pressure of his friends, he loosened up a bit, and found himself just rolling with the punches. The Englishman was no card maven, however, and soon found himself $200 poorer and back at the bar for another drink.

He figured he'd lick his wounds, get some liquid confidence, and would set out onto the floor again - perhaps this time, trying his hand at poker, or maybe he'd just take it easy and would kill some time on the slot machines. Steps one and two were both accomplished with ease - refill in hand, Wes turned to set out for some more chances to (hopefully) catch a break and score a big win, but an all-too familiar figure came into sight, and he found himself approaching to investigate. Normally, the subject was one that he'd avoid, but seeing as both were quite far from home, curiosity and the need to point out the irony got to him, and drew him in.

What a wild fucking coincidence. Armed with his usual sarcasm, Wes casually glided towards @kate , offering a unusual bewildered, playful grin (that was definitely the alcohol) as he announced himself with a quote from the Muggle classic, Casablanca. [font color="#e49822"]"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...she walks into mine..."[/font] Wes shook his head in disbelief, before adding a dig at his blonde adversary, something much more characteristic of the Wes most people - especially her - were familiar with. [font color="#e49822"]"You're a long way from home. Used up all of your tricks and surprises in the English bars, so you had to come to America, did you?"[/font]

Kate Morello
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