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August Park

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Apr 23 2018, 11:04 PM
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<a href=""><img src=""></a>

<div class="jayyouth-5"><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
<p>The other five members of <a href="">August's</a> group. Any of them can be wizards (up to you). The names are open-ended. Fcs are Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung
Their positions in the group: Kim Namjoon, leader + rapper. Kim Seokjin, vocal + visual. Jung Hoseok, lead dancer + rapper. Kim Taehyung, vocals. <s>Jeon Jungkook, vocals + dancer</s> (August's positions are vocal + dance)<Br><Br>Photos in order of stated:<br><img src=""><br><img src=""><br><img src=""><br><img src=""><br>


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i can't free myself from this lie
Apr 4 2018, 01:05 PM
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<img src="" width="195px;">


<i>"Hold it right there!"</i><br><Br>A voice sounded behind August as he wandered near the entrance to Flourish and Blotts. A few books he had already picked out were in his arms, though they were mostly textbooks. He turned, seeing one of the workers rushing toward him. Hoping they weren't talking to him, he sidestepped the staff member barreling towards him. That didn't work very well, the worker easily switching directions to go after him. Guess they did mean him. The worker snatched his forearm. <i>"You were planning on stealing these, right?"</i> August frantically shook his head, no. He truly wasn't. He had a public image to uphold, and getting caught stealing <i>books</i> for god's sake would do too much damage. <b>"No, sir, you must mean someone else. I'm still browsing, and I'm planning on paying."</b> To emphasize his point, August pulled a few sickles and a galleon from his pocket. <b>"See?"</b><Br><Br>The worker grumbled, letting go of his arm. <i>"Fine, I guess you're in the clear."</i><Br><Br><b>"If you want, I've got a bit of time. I can help you search for the thief?</b> August proposed, clearing his throat uncomfortably. He didn't know if the worker was going after him because he looked like he was stealing, or they actually had a piece of merchandise stolen.<br><Br>The man pondered for a moment before smiling at August. <i>"Thanks, but I've got it under control."</i> August gave a nod and a quick bow. <br><Br><b>"All right then, thank you for your service."</b> He went back to browsing as though nothing had happened.

<center><div class= "pow">day one; 258</div></center></div></center>

<div style= "margin-top: 7px; width: 245px; text-align: right; font-family: times; font-size: 10px; background-color:transparent; color:#000;"></div>
Mar 27 2018, 03:32 AM
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<h1>whatever it takes, save me</h1>

<div class="s-scroll">

August sat at the Gryffindor table, head resting on his arms. He couldn't help dozing off. He'd been up late practicing again. August felt something tap on his shoulder and looked up to find one of his housemates reminding him of their upcoming O.W.L.S. He chastised himself. He knew he should've been studying, but his mother's owl reminded him of his group's upcoming comeback. He couldn't afford to rest now, let alone spend precious time studying. So he'd taken to studying in the mornings, and practicing in the afternoons. Needless to say, studying got much less attention than his vocal and dance.<br><Br>August groaned, rubbing his eyes with the heels of his hands. He needed to study as much as possible before the day's classes started. He had maybe an hour, tops, before he had to get to class. With this in mind, August gathered his things and ran off to the library, mind (definitely) not on how awkward he looked, running with his books about to slide out of his arms. After sprinting up the stairs he arrived, short of breath, at the library. He could let his worrying mind rest, he still had fifty-five minutes until classes started.<br><br>August collapsed at the nearest desk, his books spilling out of his arms. Quickly, he got started on his work. History of magic was up first. He flipped through his textbook, highlighting and making notes. As he did so, he began to hum as quietly as he could (didn't want the librarian to yell at him). It helped him focus, and the tune made his mind pinpoint the material, instead of the normal way he studied, where his mind darted around the page. The tune was sweet and breathy almost a beautiful melodic tone. His voice almost gave background music to what he was studying, changing tones for the information he was reading. He hoped it wasn't <i>too</i> loud, he was sure he wouldn't want to disturb those studying around him.<Br><Br>331<br>Corey Quick


</div><div style="margin: 0 auto; width: 100%; max-width: 280px; font: bold 8px/100% 'Roboto', sans-serif; text-transform: uppercase; padding-right: 10px; text-align: right;"><a href="">thanks</a></div>[/dohtml]
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