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Mason D'orolione

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Nov 7 2017, 01:31 AM
Mason usually didn't skip his DADA class. He actually liked the class even though the professor was a pain. So what made the young Ravenclaw skip class? The answer was simple. A young Hufflepuff who had also skipped that class as well decided to skip with Mason. This made Mason grin from ear to ear since he already knew what she wanted. It wasn't hard to guess what it was. He had heard from friends that she was crushing on him. He wanted to know did she really and it seemed like she did.

The girl, whose name was Melissa had lead Mason to the divination class. Now usually Mason would have tried to steer her in another direction. However, he's mind wasn't thinking about where they were going. The thing on his mind was what they would be doing. Clearly Melissa had knew what was going to happen. Because the minute they were in the room, she lead him over to his father's chair. Mason sat down immediately, so intrigued by this girl. Maybe it was her long wavy black hair or the way she carried herself in such a classy way. Though what she was going to do wasn't so classy.

What she did next didn't surprised Mason. The boy knew exactly what was coming as she sat in his lap, facing him. She began kissing Mason slowly at first. But then began to kiss him with passion and a hunger that seemed to be growing. Mason wrapped his arms around her waist while she had her hands in his hair. After he broke up the kiss, Mason lead kisses down to her neck and back up to her lips. With every kiss and touch, Mason and Melissa's hunger kept growing. To the point that Mason had picked Melissa up and put her on his father's desk. Whatever was once on the desk was now on the floor. That didn't matter to the teenagers though. All that matter was the way they were both feeling.

They were so into the moment that the didn't hear footsteps coming in their direction. Nor did they hear the doorknob turning. All their attention was on kissing and trying to take each other's clothes off.

Tagged: Giovanni Armand D'orolione
Nov 6 2017, 06:19 AM
To say that Mason had a little crush on Aliyana was an understatement. As a matter of, it was more than an understatement. Though Mason wouldn't know what to call it. Whatever it was there was one thing for sure; Mason's crush on Aliyana was a little one. It was pretty much a big one.

He had been crushing on her ever since he first saw her. But at the time it wasn't that massive of a crush back then. It was just one of those crushes that came and go. However, that wasn't the case for Mason. In his case, his crush on Aliyana just grew and grew. The more time she was in his present, the more he began to fall for her. She was talented, smart, and beautiful, which made sense why Mason was crushing on her.

So what was Mason going to do about it? Well being that his feelings were invested in this girl, Mason wanted her to be his girlfriend. Though that wouldn't be a simple task since the girl wouldn't give him the time or day. This didn't make him like her any less, but it did make it harder to pursue her. Still he was going to try anyways.

But not at this moment since he had came to the library to do a little reading. After that insane party the other night, Mason needed to do something relaxing. Reading was the only thing he could think of that was relaxing. As he was walking down an aisle looking for something to read, he noticed someone on the aisle too. It took him a few seconds to realize who it was.

With a grin on his face, Mason walked over to Aliyana. She looked like she was into the book that was in her hand. As he came to a stop beside her, he cleared his throat. "I see you found a book that looks interesting," he said. "Care to share what it's about?"

Tagged: Aliyana Bacardi
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