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Apr 2 2018, 06:16 PM

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<p>Favorites Quizlet!
<br>1. What is your favorite color? "Grey."
<br>2. What is your favorite possession? "My flask. Engraved with my son's name."
<br>3. What is your favorite hobby? "Working."
<br>4. What is your favorite book? "Sherlock Holmes series."
<br>5. What is your favorite food? "Pirozhki."
<br>6. What is your favorite drink? "Vodka."
<br>7. What is your favorite smell? "Fur."
<br>8. What is your favorite type of weather? "Snow."
<br>9. What is your favorite game (board, video, sport, etc.)? "Checkers."
<br>10 What is/was your favorite subject in school? "Dark Arts."

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Nov 8 2017, 12:10 AM
Stanimir was shocked to have learned that his son wasn’t at Durmstrang this year. But he supposed that goes without saying, given the two’s circumstance. And getting to Hogwarts was easier said then done for one who has never been there personally. He had heard much of it through his travels of course, and seen many memorabilia as part of his job.

But he didn’t give two shits about the school itself. Only about Arkadi Milan Novak . Going through a very roundabout means of travel to getting to Hogwarts, he started off with taking a portkey from London to Hogsmeade. One of the few things he’ll never get used to in life. Then he decided to walk up the way towards the castle from there.

It took quite some time to even make it to halfway. His side beginning to burn around this time. His hands shaking as he takes out his flask to drink his medicine. He made sure to have plenty of it on hand as he approached the school. He didn’t want another experience of not having it. Not when he was this close.

When he could begin to see the castle come into view, he started to cut through the forest and walk towards the east. His dark trench coat swiped against the branches that stuck off the ground. Sometimes he would get caught and must pull on his coat to wrest it free from the clutches of nature. The noises of the forest began to creak and stir, and Stanimir was on edge his entire walk through.

Howls off into the distance, though it was still daylight. Well, from what he could tell from the small light that poured in from the gaps between the tree lines. His hand reached into his coat and gripped his wand tightly, brandishing it. He was on edge from the sounds in this forest. He knew as his time traversing the many forests in Europe that things tended to hide within the darkness.

Without getting too far from the tree line, but far enough that he could remain hidden, he kept trekking through until he got to a certain point. He wasn’t sure where he was, but it was a decent locale. A nice little clearing just forty feet away from the tree line, meaning it was close enough to get to and from. Now was just a spot to pick to transform.

Moving away from the small clearing he had discovered, he found a small alcove in a tree. A perfect spot to hide his clothes. He wouldn’t want someone to discover them and making off with it. Making a quick check around, Stanimir began to put everything away, covered by his coat, which blended into the tree. But that wasn’t enough no, he put a ward on it, to stave away unwanted attention.

Now Stanimir stood, but soon no longer. Striving forward, his skin turned to fur. His body structure shifted. He went from standing on two legs to being on all. And he grew a tail and a snout. He had transfigured himself into a wolf. His grey fur shaggy and darker in some places. His eyes peering with his grey eyes. He looks like any other wolf. Except for a different on his side. His left side to be exact. Though hard to tell from afar, upon closer inspection reveals that it is hollowed out, that something is missing.

But he still moves as he does, approaching the way towards the school and looking for a specific person. His sense of smell has vastly improved as well, he could tell that he was nearby. So, he sat at the tree line. A sight that most would find particularly odd. Sitting alone amidst the trees of the forbidden forest, was a grey timber wolf.

Sitting perfectly, as if a statue. But on occasion, its head did move in a direction. The way the wind was blowing. And it picked up a scent. Upon getting up from where he sat, Stanimir howled to the sky. Drawing the subject of the cry to him. His grey eyes fell upon his son, though unknowing of the real identity of the wolf. Turning around, Stanimir began a slow pace towards the clearing he had found just forty feet deep.

Arkadi Novak
Nov 7 2017, 03:35 AM
For thirty-nine years, he has been a cursebreaker. Fifteen of which he worked at this very bank. He didn’t work for them in an official capacity anymore, but when they were short-handed they would throw some jobs his way. Stanimir thought it was either because of trust, or because they are tempting him back.

He wasn’t sure which was the truth, and he didn’t care. He was happy working freelance, being his own boss and all. Granted there was some hardships, but he managed through them. He also got to choose his clients and not have to go through politics within the banking world.

Though he wasn’t sure what the job was this time around, he was just told that he was needed to break a few curses and he could be on his way afterward. He wasn’t told much in the letter, just that he should meet with a goblin named Dungsou, which was a weird name in general. But who was he to judge goblin culture?

Entering Gringott’s, Stanimir looked at each desk as he walked through. He was reading the nameplates searching for the one he was looking for. Each goblin worked tirelessly, and for no thanks from most those who use their services. He respected that, not many would do thankless work, but they do.

He stopped when he read the nameplate of Dungsou, “Vse yeshche glupoye imya.” he muttered as he approached the goblin. Stanimir stopped short of the desk and patiently watched the three-foot creature going through a stack of papers, stamping some with one stamp, and the rest with another. Clerk work, always fun.

“Excuse me.” Stanimir said, finally tired of the silence. The goblin looked up from his papers and looked over Stanimir with a shocked expression. “Oh, sorry!” Dungsou said, putting down his stamp. “I was in the middle of something, how many I help you?” he asked, looking at the Russian before him. “Net, I’m here because you asked.” Stanimir replied, squinting at the goblin.

He wasn’t sure if he had met this one before or not, most that worked at Gringott’s knew of Stanimir. Perhaps Dungsou was new? Or worked his way up? He didn’t know. “Oh? I did?” Dungsou asked, looking perplexed he opened a smaller book to his side and flipped through it. With a sigh, Stanimir shook his head. “My name is Stanimir Kovlov, you asked me here to break some curses?” he said, putting his hands on his hips.

“OH!” exclaimed the goblin, putting his book down. “Yes, yes I did.” He said, climbing down from his desk and walking around it to face Stanimir. “A few clients brought in some cursed objects, and we are a bit overwhelmed that we need your help. Well, more specifically I need outside help.” Dungsou went on, looking at Stanimir.

The old Russian looked at the little beige goblin and folded his arms. “What do you mean?” he asked, he really wasn’t in the business of saving people from mistakes that they did, but he’d first hear out the goblin and see what he needs before passing judgement. “A particular client brought in an item that has a nasty little curse on it, one that I just don’t trust with our own in house people with.” The goblin said as he shifted where he stood. “The reason for that is because the curse can lead to death. But the item has already been passed into another room waiting to be counter-cursed.” This explanation wasn’t what Stanimir thought it would be, quite frankly he was shocked by a goblin admitting to a mistake.

“I don’t steal work.” Stanimir said as he furrowed his brow. It wasn’t that he valued his life more, it was more of an ethics thing. If he took someone else’s job, they’d lose pay. He didn’t want that on his head. The goblin looked taken back, “No you misunderstand me!” he exclaimed. “The curse listed was something else, one that doesn’t kill!” he continued waving his hands in front of himself defensively. “What do you mean?” Stanimir asked, normally people were upfront if they knew what the curse was. But somebody lied? Why would they do that?

With a sigh, Dungsou motioned Stanimir to follow him. The older gentleman followed the goblin as he walked towards a hallway. “The client said it would turn someone into a pheasant, but upon inspection it turned out to be a curse that kills.” The goblin explained as it waddled towards the mouth of the hallway. Stanimir stopped and put his hand on his chin. “Very well.” He said, looking at the goblin who stopped and turned around. “I’ll help.” He continued, and folded his arms again. “Bring me the item, your boss to discuss pay, and we’ll be good.” He finished, looking at the goblin.

Dungsou looked a bit apprehensive about informing his boss, but he nodded. “Very well Mr. Kovlov, I’ll do as you ask. Please go sit down and I’ll return with everything you need.” The small goblin said as he walked down the hallway, vanishing into one of the doors.

Stanimir turned and walked to a comfy looking couch and took a seat. He hoped it wouldn’t take long, he hoped to go see the quidditch game that was playing tonight. With a sigh, he folded his legs and waited patiently for Dungsou to return.
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