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 Carpe Diem, Tag Celeste
Levana Lunette
 Posted: Jan 24 2018, 07:15 PM
26Mountain +8mature? Yes •
Half Blood

Today was the day for Levana Lunette to show her family (and herself) that she was meant to do more in her life. She needed to mold her destiny and currently, sitting at home waiting for life to change, was not working. Levana realized she needed to make the first move for herself when her older brother, Zev, moved to Russia for work. Zev was her best friend and now she just has her annoying little sister, nagging mother and quiet father to look up to. This opened her eyes to the need to get out there. But how?

"Why don't you go on that new app... Now what was it called..." said her mother, sitting down at the breakfast table. Levana, who was already sitting eating scrambled eggs, sighed and answered her, "you mean magicforwork? I don't know... I have a feeling it is meant for people who want to make broomsticks for the rest of their life," she said. "Oh don't be silly! Give it a try," nagged mother. Levana rolled her eyes and took a breath. "Fine, I'll give it a try. But if I'm working under minimum wage in a dark factory, I'm blaming you," she said, getting up and taking her plate to the sink. She made her way to her room and closed the door behind her. She grabbed her phone which was resting on her queen-sized bed and learned more about the app: it paired unemployment with the best possible employment opportunities. Maybe it wasn't so bad. Levana decided to download the app.

Well, here goes nothing, she thought as she opened the app. There were so many questions to answer just to get started. Questions from what her favorite hobbies are to her strengths and weaknesses. She hoped that she was getting something that was worth telling Zev. After thirty minutes of answering questions, it began to take its time thinking of the right job for her. Levana crossed her fingers.

Personal Assistant to ROYER'S ENTERPRISES

Levana had never heard of the company. She began to research about it but could not find much about it other than that it was a mega conglomerate corporation that owned quite a bit of other properties and companies in France. Levana wondered what kind of personal assistant she would be. Perhaps it was for a region director, she thought, and she shrugged to herself. Well, if she was going to get herself out there, she might as well try it out and see what happens.

Levana scrolled down on her phone and saw a button that read APPLY NOW! She clicked it and a message was loaded. What was she going to write? This was the part where she would stick out from other people who are probably wanting the same job. She took a deep breath and decided to just go with her gut. She was going to tell the person the truth about herself and why this job was important to her.

Dear Royer's Enterprises Job Employment Committee,
My name is Levana Lunette. I am a born and raised French woman who attended Beauxbaton's Academy (Go Colerique!) and dedicated my years to the school's newspaper, Beauxbaton Bulletin. Writing is my absolute passion, and with my writing comes exceptional organization and attention to detail. These are just the beginning of my strengths as a personal assistant...

Levana's fingers kept typing. She had so much to say. She hoped that this was perhaps one of the best cover letters sent to this company via through a employment match-making site. If not, she could at least give herself a pat on the back for trying.

In addition, I am not in a relationship which gives a greater amount of time for the company and whomever I am assisting. I am wanting to get myself out there and I am in hopes that your company will be that foundation. As for my role for your company, I will give my 110% in anything that is thrown at me. Thank you so much for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Levana Lunette

Levana reread her blurb and decided that perhaps sharing her personal relationship status was a bit too much. She double clicked her phone to highlight that part. Instead of highlighting that part, her phone froze. "Great..." she thought. She began to double click out of anger on her phone and instead of doing what she wanted her phone to do, it began to load. Her heart jumped. Immediately, the screen read, SUBMITTED! Oh no... "SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!" She screamed at her phone.

"Is everything okay, dear?" called out her mother. Levana, her face planting in her pillow, her brunette hair all over the place felt like she wanted to cry. However, she couldn't let her mother know. "I'm fine," she said, masking her frustration. "Okay, well I'm going out to lunch with your father. I'll see you later for dinner," she said, leaving the house. "Yup..." Levana said and when she heard the door close, she screamed into her pillow.

Now what? Well, that was an attempt. Maybe today wasn't her day to hold onto her destiny and show her family what she was made of. Perhaps it was the opposite.

take hold
of __ your __ destiny
Celeste Royer
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 02:05 AM
Shark25ASTmature? Yes •
Wizarding Adult
Half Blood
CEO & Owner
Royer Enterprises

Celeste Royer

How many years had it been since the take over? Eight years, almost a decade. Being the youngest CEO in company history wasn’t exactly what she had in mind for her life, and it brought many challenges to her life. Such as having few hours to actually engage in social activities and having to look after her little brother tended to be a bit of a hassle. Though she loved Joel, he did prove to be a handful and always off doing his own thing. Why couldn’t he grow up fast, like she had to do once their parents passed away? Though perhaps that had more to do with her being the adult, and him still being a child.

Once again however, she had to fire another personal assistant due to some reason or another. One time it was because they kept messing up important documents. Another because they had accidentally sent extremely personal information to the entire board of directors. Granted some of them enjoyed what they saw… it was still unbecoming of someone of that position. The most recent? Stealing office supplies. Celeste just couldn’t catch a break at the moment, and she wondered just how much longer until someone competent would come along and save her.

Entering the Paris office building, Celeste sighed as she made her way towards the elevator leading up to her personal office up on the top floor. The heels clicking as each step against the floor. Giving a cold greeting to the security officer and towards the lobby desk, she made it to the elevator and pressed the button. Opening her purse, she gazed down onto the neatly organized object and took out her phone. Checking to see the time, the corner of her mouth twitched upwards, into a half smile as the elevator dinged onto her floor.

Exiting the elevator, Celeste walked across the hall and through an archway into a beautifully decorated room. The clicking of the heels seemed to become muffled, as the carpet of the office started to absorb the pressure. Walking across the room, she opened a large mahogany door and into her spacious office. The back wall covered in shelves, and those shelves full of books on many subjects. Walking across her office, she sat down in her chair and began to prep for the day. Turning on her computer was the first order of business.

Folding her legs, Celeste waited a moment and glanced out the window over the city. It was a breathtaking sight, and one she hoped to continue to see for years to come. Once the computer finished booting, she turned and opened up her emails. Have to check to see if anyone emailed early in the morning or late at night, when she was at home and asleep. Going through the emails, Celeste couldn’t help but let out a muffled yawn. She must not have been getting enough sleep. Too much working perhaps? However, her eyes did catch onto a new email that had arrived early in the morning.

“Hm? A job application?” she muttered to herself, opening the email. She began to read the email, and the more she read, the more she began to smirk. A fellow Colerique student? Interesting. And, despite the oversharing of information in her personal life… she seemed to be a good candidate. Perhaps an interview would do. Reaching over to her telephone, she gave a quick glance over towards the resume in question and dialed the phone number. Pressing the receiver to her ear, Celeste glanced over at the name and waited. It only rang twice before it picked up. “Hello Ms. Lunette, this is Celeste Royer. I was wondering if you are still interested in the job and want to come in today for an impromptu interview?” she asked, despite the fact that the email is from today. It’s better to just double-check. You never know, sometimes someone applies on the spur of a moment and regrets it later.

666 - Levana Lunette - sorry for the wait <3

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