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 All Work & No Play, Open
Celeste Royer
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 09:42 PM
Shark25ASTmature? Yes •
Wizarding Adult
Half Blood
CEO & Owner
Royer Enterprises

Celeste Royer

With a light sigh, the owner and CEO of Royer Enterprises glanced at her wrist watch. It’s only eleven thirty three am? Such a long and tedious morning, and Celeste doubted it would get much better for the afternoon meetings she has lined up. If only she could finish up these documents so she could dip out for a well deserved lunch break. Turning her focus back onto the work before her, she went back to finishing the current purchase of a small company located on the border of France & Belgium. She isn’t really interested in what the company does, but she is interested in the contacts that it offers.

The purchase would open up a new line of business for her, moving further into the Belgium market and making more progress. Of course Royer Enterprises has offices in both America and England, she wishes to see the company reach further heights. Expand on her father’s dream and make a lasting legacy. Hopefully Joel doesn’t screw that up in any fashion, the company doesn’t need any embarrassment at any point. Especially if she has many deals to work through and sales to make happen. Can’t have his chaotic self off creating chaos and embarrassment for their family name.

Celeste doesn’t have any pureblood leanings, but some of the more old fashioned members of her board of directors have questioned her, and it stemmed from her blood status. Don’t get her wrong, she loves her mother and muggleborn grandfather, may they both rest in peace, but she wonders if maybe if her mother’s side were pureblood if things would’ve been different. Instead of having to deal with this blood status on top of being, in the eyes of those old codgers, too young to be in charge. Such is the price to pay however, to maintain order in what was an extremely chaotic situation.

One accidentally caused by her baby brother, though she doesn’t hold him at fault for it. The death of their parents was an accident, and nothing can change that. He shouldn’t blame himself or act out the way he does. However that could be a statement on how little time she has had for him, and spent more time working than being a big sister watching over him. “Maybe I should do something nice for him? Take him somewhere when he gets home for the Summer?” she pondered aloud, reading over the legal texts in her hands.

Once she made sure everything is fine, she signed the documents and placed them back into the folder. But that is just one set of documents, she has a few more to sign in order for the deal to be complete. Going through each legal document, reading and signing them, she glanced up towards the computer monitor just off to the side of her desk. Looking towards the clock in the bottom right hand corner, she frowned. Twelve o’ two. Not as punctual as she wanted, but that is what you get for being diligent.

Organizing the documents and picking up her purse, she exited her office with the files. Walking by her secretary’s desk, she handed them over to them. “Please make sure these get to the legal team, and hold my calls. I’m going out to lunch.” she said, proceeding into the elevator and pressing the lobby button. Celeste thought where she should go for lunch, a nice restaurant opened up just a few blocks from here. No, it’d probably be too packed. Maybe the bistro just down the way, that is a nice safe bet. They also make a great Croque Tartine Parisienne, which she’ll most likely order once she gets there.

Walking out of the Royer Enterprises building, she started to walk down the sidewalk towards the bistro in question. It’d only take the twenty nine year old woman ten minutes to walk, and it’s a good day for a walk. The sun is out, some fluffy clouds drifting high above. The birds are chirping. She vastly prefers this state of affairs compared to what happened over the Summer, with the attack happening here in Paris. Such a dreadful and chaotic affair, business just wasn’t the same for a month afterwards.

The world of business reflects on the political world, and also the most current topic. If things shift in a way that moves the political sphere, things might change within the business world. Those who are better acquainted with the new government might get a better pushback. Of course the Royer company has played this game before, riding coattails of politicians and getting better deals. Celeste aimed to do better than that, and hopefully keep the company out of any political beds. It could lead to some messy situations in the future, and she’d rather avoid that all together.

As she approached the bistro, she pulled open the door and walked inside. A quaint little restaurant, a few tables placed about and a few booths. Though each booth is preoccupied by some parties. Oh well, walking around the occupied tables, Celeste found one and took a seat, and rested on leg over the other. It didn’t take long before a waitress came over and asked what she would like to eat. “A croque tartine parisienne. And if I could, I would like a coffee as well, black preferably.” she said, taking a moment to relax in her chair as she waited for her food.

It didn’t take long for her coffee to come, though she had to wait a bit longer for her food. Which is fine, she isn’t too impatient. Picking up her cup of coffee, she took a sip of the hot dark liquid and a small smile curled on her lips. A nice cup of coffee to help make a boring day better, nothing better.

973 - OPEN! - Come play with Celeste <3 she doesn't bite much

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